Ongoing construction of the maternity unit, an extension from the existing one
one of the latest newly constructed buildings at JOOTRH to serve as a physiotherapy center among other roles
final touches on a section of the maternity unit
the ample packing space at JOOTRH
central building at JOOTRH showing the section hosting the radiology department, main theaters, and ICU
out patient deparment at JOOTRH
the beautiful Obama childrens hospital at the far end of JOOTRH
section of Obama childrens’ hospital
male and female medical wards
gynecology, and post natal wards
finale touches being laid at the magnificent gate at JOOTRH
new world class cafeteria for JOOTRH staff
old maternity unit and labour wards

Nyadimu Festo

Medical student at Maseno university, with a passion for medicine, service and leadership. founder and CEO of (by a doctor for the doctors)

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