Kisumu hosts the first anesthesiology symposium

Dr. Oduor Ojoo, head of the department of anesthesiology and critical care at JOOTRH, opened the symposium by highlighting the fact that it was going to be the first of many to be held by the Kenya Society of Anesthesia (KSA). The function was held on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Acacia Premier hotel conference hall in Kisumu and was sponsored by Novartis (a pharmaceutical company in Kenya) who’s drug of the day was Zofran (ondansetron), an antiemetic.

Dr. Oduor giving his preesentation

The symposium was mainly focused on obstetric anesthesia and talks revolved around this area. The function was well attended by close to 100 kisumu based medical practitioners including; anesthesiologists, surgeons, gynecologists, medical officers, medical officer interns, anesthetists nurses, and medical and anesthesia students. Some of the prominent attendees included Dr. Tobias Otieno, Dr. Miriam Nyamongo, Dr. Mitei, Dr. Onyango Ken and Dr. Muruka kays.

Dr. Murithi

The event was organized and graced by some of the most renown anesthesiologists in the country. Dr. Okelo of Maseno University was debatably the most prominent throughout the sessions as he was the chief moderator. Dr. Oduor of JOOTRH was the first to give his presentation on team approach to the practice of anesthesia. He emphasized on the importance of spirited collaboration among all the parties involved in critical patient care an anesthesia. He dwelled mainly on the collaboration between surgeons and anesthesiologists.

The very outstanding Dr. Vicky Simiyu of UON was the second to speak. Her talk was, for obvious reasons, the most intriguing and interactive. She spoke on surgical prophylaxis: not just for antibiotics but also against DVT nausea and vomiting, and pain.

Dr. Vicky Simiyu

Dr. Nyamari Mose of JOOTRH (youngest anesthesiologist in town), addressed the issue of fluid management in anesthesia. He touched on the physiology of fluid, the types of resuscitation fluids, their availability and use. Dr. Murithi Mwiti, of UON, (photographer of the day) majored on management of pain perioperative and it was such a wholesome talk.

memmbers interacting at acacia primium hotel

Dr. Steve Onyango of JOOTRH and also renown doctors’ rights activist represented the obstetricians and gave a very fulfilling talk on antepartum hemorrhage. The last speaker of the day was aspiring cardiac anesthesiologist Dr. Kevin Omani who spoke extensively on the post-operative period and insisted that it lasts long after the surgery, even as the patient is doing clinical follow-ups.

The event was concluded with a speech from the sponsors, and a word from the very able KMA officials, Dr. Onyango Ken and Dr. Mitei. The symposium was undoubtedly a great success, kudos to the Kenya society of Anesthesia and big thanks to Novartis, the sponsors.

Dr. Kevin Umani








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