Kisumu to pioneer new PPH treatment

Kisumu Deputy Governor Dr. Mathew Owili today held a meeting with Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET) and its partners to discuss the best strategy that Kisumu County can use to roll out the Uterine Balloon Tamponade (UBT) method.

UBT is a medical device that can be used to treat Postpartum Hemorrhage which is unresponsive to uterotonics and other primary interventions.

KMET’s Executive Director, Mrs Monica Oguttu said the main aim of the intervention is to develop an affordable technique that can be used in low resource settings to address excessive bleeding during or after delivery which she says is one of the main health threats to pregnant women.

“This technique consists of a water-filled balloon inserted into the uterine cavity to apply pressure to the walls of the mothers’ uterus to stop excessive bleeding after delivery. It therefore provides a rapid, affordable, and effective point of care method of managing Postpartum Hemorrhage” she explained.

Mrs Ogutu said KMET chose Kisumu County as their priority county because of the political goodwill and its leadership which she said is very passionate on matters health and also on the fact that Kisumu is one of the pilot counties for the roll out of Universal Health Care.

“We want to scale up the UBT up to the dispensary level and we want to have the county government as the driver of this bus”, she said.

The Deputy Governor who expressed his joy said empowering healthcare providers with skills on management of postpartum hemorrhage is going to be vital in achieving this dream.

He mentioned that Post-Partum Hemorrhage contributes to 34% of maternal deaths (287,000) making it one of the most common causes of maternal mortality in Kenya.

It is therefore critical that health care workers expand their options of managing PPH. One such option is to help healthcare workers to master the use of a uterine balloon tapenade in the management.

The Deputy Governor also talked of improving of the ICU facilities which he said will benefit everyone.

Dr John Ogone who is a member of the health task force acknowleged the importance of partners on health delivery noting that without the partners it is difficult to deliver quality affordable healthcare to people.The Ag Chief Officer Dr. Dickens Onyango talked of hiring more staff which he said has been a big challenge citing financial problem given that the county already has a big wage.

 by Nyadimu Festo

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