Kisumu produces its first doctors ever

Kisumu produces its first doctors ever


It might not have been a very colorful ceremony from outside but in the hearts of the 36 new doctors taking their Hippocratic oaths, this was a day like no other in their lives. The once in a lifetime event took place at the Maseno University boardroom on Monday the 7th of May 2018.

The event was graced by the chairperson of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists board (KMPDB), Dr. Magoha. Also in attendance were the Maseno University vice-chancellor prof. Nyabundi and the entire Maseno university lecturing fraternity.  There were 36 of the total 50 newly ordained doctors as the rest were still attending to supplementary exams. “They will take the oath as soon as they are done with the supplementary examination,” explained Dr. Omoto, the associate dean in the school of medicine at Maseno in charge of clinical training.

The dean of the school of medicine, prof. Odero described how a long journey it had been since this pioneer class was admitted to date. He explained how the class had gone through thick and thin just to get to this point of taking the once in a lifetime Hippocratic oath.” They were supposed to start their training in October of 2011 but this had to be canceled as there was no infrastructure in place. They later joined in January on 2012 and that is one of the reasons their graduation was delayed,” explained an overjoyed professor Odero.

When he stood to speak, the vice chancellor expressed his great joy for having to be the one to release these new doctors into the general population. He expressed his gratitude to the late prof. Makawiti for having conceived the idea of having the first medical school in the entire region and putting it in place. He also acknowledged the numerous challenges the young school has had to face but also thanked the graduates and the staff for their perseverance and great will to succeed. He also bragged openly for being the first ever in the country to produce doctors who are also trained in ICT. He also complained that the ministry had posted all Maseno graduates to central province and promised to intervene.

The associate dean Dr. Jacktone Omoto, could not hide his joy for being among the team that saw the realization of this dream. He thanked the doctor lecturers for their good hard work in ensuring that the doctors produced by Maseno University and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching a Referal Hospital were fully backed. He also thanked Dr. Juliana, the CEO of JOOTRH for the great understanding and collaboration between the hospital and the university.

When he stood to speak, an overjoyed Dr. Mickey Machatha, struggling to conceal his smile, expressed on behalf of his colleagues, his joy, and gratitude. He exclaimed on how tough it had been for the past 7 years. He described how hard it had been being the pioneer class having to deal first hand with issues such as lack of infrastructure and shortage of lecturers. He described how the entire school led by the pioneer class had to hold a 4week class boycott in 2015. He also thanked dearly the junior classed for their support during such hard times. He explained how it was having to do pathology with only one lecturer. He finished by thanking his colleagues and the lecturers for ensuring that they were no less of doctors if not better than those from other universities countrywide.

As he closed the ceremony, prof. Wilson Odero assured prof. Magoha and the entire country that doctors from Maseno university were among the most well trained in the country. He charged the new doctors with the responsibility of proving his point. He encouraged his staff members to keep up the great work they were doing. We later watched the looks on the young doctors face as they recited the oath and it was priceless.

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By Nydimu Festo.

Nyadimu Festo MD

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