A very educative and entertaining CME was led at Acacia premium hotel in Kisumu on the evening of Friday, the 8th of June 2018. the event was attended by lose to 100 medics in Kisumu. Amoung those who attended were: Dr. Marwa of Maseno University, Dr. Gwer (a consultant gynecologist at Maseno University), Dr. Muruka (gynecologist at Maseno University) Dr. Oyango the Branch KMA chairperson and many others; including Medical Officers and even some medical students.

a section of those present during the CME

The topic of the day was pelvic inflamatory diseace (PID) and was presented by the seasoned chief Gynecologist, Dr. Mitei. The 40 minute presentation was very clear and highlighted all the key areas of the illness. The event was sponsored and run by Beyer drug company.

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