Universal Healthcare in Kisumu

Kisumu is in the lime light once again for being the first of 47 counties to laounch the universal healthcare system. the universal healthcare system is a system that ensures equal health for all. Below is an inside out insight on what is what about universal healthcare in Kisumu. Do enjoy the read. Congratulations to the county government for being number one.180306_KISUMU UHC_vFinal

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Governor Peter Nyong’o chairing the meeting for the launch of universal healthcare

Having served as th health minister for kenya in the Kibaki government, the govoernor of the great county of Kisumu has a keen intrest in helth. In professor Nyong’o’s Manifesto, Health was given top priority.

Governor, Prof. Anyang; Nyong’o launching Universal healthcare

speaking about the Universal healthcare system, Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o said that he 1st had the idea of universal healthcare while serving as the minister but its implementation failed as it faced opposition. he couldnt hide his joy and optimism that universal healthcare was going to have a great start and eventually get to the entire country.

the deputy governor of kisumu county: Dr. Mathew Owili. the leading health figure in the county

Universal healthcare seeks to partner with NHIF to ensure that the people of kisumu county worry about other things other than medical bills. in the governor’s words, poverty should not be a reason for not getting quality medical attention. The program also seeks to bring health services as close as possible to the people. It projects that by the year 2022 Its scope will have been implemented in totality.

Dr. Dickens Onyango gives his contribution during the launch meeting

we hope that all stakeholders including the national government will hold hands to see that universal healthcare is implemented in its totality.

Dr. Karma Rogo gives his views at he meeting

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